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December 5, 2023 / By debi

Since its very advent, online shopping has redefined our buying behaviors, although it’s harder to form lasting ties between the products and their consumers. And these changing habits may also be making us less loyal to anything we buy. This is a challenge that every brand would be struggling with today. And this calls for effective brand strategy services and much more. In this blog, DebiLink Consulting will be shedding light on the symbiotic relationship between the digitalized world and brand marketing. 

Matching Pace via Customer Engagement Strategy

Today, there is a need for consumer brands to reboot their businesses in view of the disruption and the changing consumer behavior today. As per the data-driven insights of EY, consumers tend to give preferences to brands in the following manner:

  • Affordability first (32 percent of consumers): Living within their means and budget, focusing less on brands and more on product functionality. 
  • Health first (25 percent): Protecting their health and that of their family, choosing products via trust building activities
  • Planet first (16 percent): Trying to minimize their impact on the environment and buying brands that reflect their beliefs. 
  • Society first (15 percent): Working together for the greater good, buying from organizations they find to be honest and transparent. 
  • Experience first (12 percent): Living in the moment to make the most of life, often making them open to new products, brands, and experiences. Brand-customer relationships

The ubiquitous internet and the proliferation of the digital economy along with the popular social media platforms have today offered us choices that the earlier time’s brick-and-mortar market didn’t. Interestingly today, we are more open to trying newer things and good products could break through, with a little more sincere and thoughtful effort. However, the challenges for marketers remain in forming a lasting relationship for brand loyalty via everlasting online presence management.

The Imperative Role of Digital Marketing

Simply put, B2C and B2B digital marketing establish a brand online, separate it from the competition, and foster an emotional connection with the target audience to create an opportunity to realize its true potential. It offers a range of services for effective brand recognition. Typically, the digital brand implies these essential components:

  • Website & Social Media Accounts: Gone are the days when companies did not have an online estate. Nowadays, it is the central pillar of designing brand identity and marketing. Not only does it feature all helpful information about your company and product, but it is also a tool for interacting with the audience and a powerful platform in the form of social media for implementing various marketing strategies and generating revenue.
  • SEO Roadmap Strategy: Although social media may provide you with a great source of leads, nothing is still compared to search engines. Like it or not, it is the primary avenue through which customers find you on the Web. This sphere closely collaborates with content marketing and brand messaging so that users can quickly locate your company and benefit from the value that you offer. 
  • Advertising: There are a dozen ways to foster brand image consistency and go viral with the product. You can run campaigns on social media, post compelling ad copies, and whatnot. 
  • Content Marketing: Be it via personalized e-mails or 600-word blogs, you can provide information as well as foster brand-customer relationships by unleashing the power of content marketing. 

And there you go! To render the best-ever digital marketing services for your brand, reach out to us now!

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